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The opportunity for you to learn the right way to massage!!!
Are you interested in learning massage and considering a fantastic new career ? KURSANI MASSAGE TRAINING CENTRE is proud to offer you state-of-the-art training in massage and bodywork therapies and highly effective career services placement through exclusive recruiting visits and contact with industry-leading massage employers.
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Pusat Latihan Urut Dan SPA Tradisional Kursani
No 24 A, 1st. Floor, Jalan SS15/4
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor D.E.
West Malaysia

Tel nos :  603 - 56324716 / 603- 56369327

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      Exciting Career

Becoming a massage therapist is an exciting, fun, and rewarding challenge in which you will experience life changing personal growth while creating a great career for yourself helping and caring for others.

If you're serious about getting your dream job, KURSANI MASSAGE TRAINING CENTRE can help make it happen ... With our endorsement certificate, you can have a great job working almost anywhere in the country.

      Intensive Course
The courses are run to the highest standards, in a format that is short and intensive so as to be accessible to people with full time jobs. We offer a schedule that will coincide with yours time. The courses are divided into three level, basic, intermediate and advance; so as you could choose of what you need. All our therapy courses are run in small groups of trainee so that they will have personal attention from our experienced trainers. These courses are held at our own centre in Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan. For those who are from outside Kuala Lumpur, accomodation during the training period is not a big issue as our hostel is available to our trainee at a minimum cost.
KURSANI MASSAGE TRAINING CENTRE offers an advanced massage therapy program that specializes in advanced deep tissue massage, structural bodywork, injury treatment massage, medical and sports massage, traditional bodyworks and treatment - such as lulur bath, manggir, herbal bath, milk bath, body rapping, barut, etc. Many other advanced massage and bodywork modalities are also included.
    Our commitment to you.
We are committed to serve and support you in your admissions process, your education, and your employment assistance after graduation. Don't be surprised !! Many of our students being offered jobs even before they graduate. So.....if you think that you have found of what you have been looking for, just give us a call, emails, or stop by at our centre for your date of enrolment!!
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