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Stiffneck And Backache

If you find yourself continually unable to enjoy your life the way that you would like to because of illness, disease, or everyday discomfort and pains, then Kursani Traditional Massage & Spa is for you.

We offer a level of healing and relief that you'll simply have to experience to believe, all at prices that won't break your budget. Come see us today to find out just how good you can feel!

Kursani's Treatment

Tension and stress after a hard day work might cause stiff neck and backache. Stress has a way of changing posture. As stress begins to tighten one's body, shoulders begin to roll forward, the chin lifts and the neck moves forward and pulling the back bone and muscles. This happens to all of us as the everyday pressures of life close in around us. In the world of psychology the term for this posture is armoring. As the shoulders lift, the vertebrae of the spine are pulled close together, which puts pressure on the disk between the vertebrae. As the disk is crushed by this pressure it widens and puts pressure on the nerves that exit the Central Nervous System at these openings. As the nerves are impinged, everything in the body begins to shut down and we enjoy a lower level of energy. Life becomes harder. There are two muscles that are punished the most by stress. We call these muscles the stress muscles. However, their medical name is Levator Scapula. These two muscles connect at the upper bones of the neck called the Cervical Vertebrae and connect to the shoulder blade, known as the Scapula. When we are stressed our shoulders lift putting pressure on our neck. This pressure creates headaches and neck and shoulder pain. The final result of this posturing is pressure on the Medial Nerve which eventually becomes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Kursani's Massage Can Do It

This condition is easily addressed by massage and three or four visits usually alleviate this stress.How often should you get a massage? Probably once a week, if you have never had a massage before.

By loosen up the tight muscle arround the area can relieve these pain

Be Healthy Be Happy

No doubt about the benefit of Kursani's Massage to heal your stiff neck and backache - naturally, traditionally. Try it yourself to believe!

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