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wangsa maju

FREE ! - This herbal steaming is free for you if you do any other treatment!!! Sweat it out for unlimited period and pay nothing!!!

FREE ! - This herbal steaming is free for Our Member at any operational hour.

FREE ! - This herbal steaming is free for college/university student (student identity card is required).

Sweat out in our Herbal Aromatherapy Steam Room!!


Sweating . . . it is one of our most important mechanisms of natural healing, since it allows the body to rid itself of unwanted materials. Note the effects of the steam bath on your energy level, mood, state of tension, sleep, as well as the effects on your skin, muscles, and joints.

Just imagine the health benefits of having your body, mind, spirit purified of toxins - your muscles and joints gently soothed - your circulation, metabolism, and immune system increased - your breathing naturally decongested and your total being relaxed, warmed, and energized. That's the healing power of herbal steam therapy! Furthermore, herbal essences and natural essential oils are infused with our herbal steam bath therapy which produce the aroma that will make you feel relaxed while burning away those unwanted materials from your body.
Before or after a massage or a separate session unto itself, the therapeutic powers of herbal steam bath are undeniable. We recommend 30 minutes approximately per session will be good. Anyhow should you feel good to stay inside longer, we don't limit the time. Sweat it out!
No doubt about the benefit of Kursani's Herbal Steam Bath. Try it yourself to believe!
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