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wangsa maju
wangsa maju

Sprains And Fractured Bone

Need of pain relief? Let us help you!

. . . . there is no mystery in Malay Traditional Treatment. It has been proven since centuries ago! - no drug, no chemical !

Pain is caused by lack of oxygen. Lack of oxygen can be caused by a myriad of possibilities. Some of the causes are a blow, a cut or a strain.

When muscle fibers are stuck together, fluid is no longer able to pass between these fibers, causing lack of circulation. Lack of circulation causes lack of oxygen and in turn lack of oxygen causes pain. There is a secret to creating an environment within your body that makes pain less likely . . . . by professional massage treatment!

Malay Traditional Massage is widely known as an effective way to treat sprains,  broken or fractured bones, joints dislocation, body posture alignment etc.!

Kursani's Sprain and Fractured Bone treatment is done naturally, no risky surgery, no drug and chemical used. The result is perfect, no miracle about it !!!

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