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Trickling fountains and soft music will enhance your relaxation as you do nothing except lying down as your therapist gently and carefully pampering to extract dirt, dead cells etc from your body!!

Lulur Bath (Traditional Body Scrubbing)
 Lulur is Malay term for "body scrubbing". Thus Lulur Bath is a traditional body scrub using traditionally blended herbs to clean the entire body, head to toe!  
Traditionally blended herbal paste will be applied to your entire body, except head, face and neck. The paste is leaved for semi drying for about 10 to 15 minutes when your therapist then will rub it out, extracting dirt and dead skin cells. Then the body will be cleaned with warm towel and cold pure milk will be applied to moisturize the skin.
This treatment is for body cleanliness. Clean skin will ensure proper skin breathing and leave the skin healthy. By doing lulur bath treatment your whole body skin will be clean and moisturized, which it is not possible to do it yourself especially at the back area. Just lie down and relax. You wont loss anything except dirt.
Be pampered, washed and cleaned, go for Lulur Bath and Hydrotheraphy Flower Bath together and just pay RM50 only, a discount of RM10 !!!!
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