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Our Subang Jaya Branch:

No. 24, Jalan SS15/4, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Tel Nos:
603 - 56324716
603 - 56369327

Our Wangsa Maju Branch:

73-5, Jalan 2/27F, Pusat Bandar Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel Nos:
603 - 41429701
603 - 41429706

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  Opened every day from 2.00pm till the last call at 12.00 midnight
  • Quality Malay Traditional Massage
  • Traditional Treatment
  • Traditional Spa

We have designed our services to suit your time and need; mainly categorized in three groups named Malay Traditional Massage, Traditional Treatment and Traditional Spa Therapy. Every guest is assured of our personal attention!! We offer a wide range of quality specialized products and services to meet all your needs.

Malay Traditional Massage:

Our style of Malay traditional Massage is widely practiced in Northern Part of Peninsular Malaysia. This form of massage is originally practiced during the Malay Sultanate of Setoi in southern Thailand. The knowledge has since been passed down and taught through generations of practitioners.
Massage is the oldest and wide spread of the healing art. Traditional massage is a prevalent form of treatment widely used in Malay community. Malay traditional massage is a technique that combines the elements of effleurage (slow rhythmic gliding strokes), Petrissage (kneading, pressing and rolling of muscles), Neuromuscular (trigger point therapy) and Deep tissue massage.
While it is mainly thought to be a form of relaxation, the benefits derived from the traditional massage include:
Physically relax the body
Reduce stress due to hard-day's work
Improve blood circulation & related organs
Provide a feeling of well-being
Loosen tight muscles
Improve skin tone and complexion
Relieve tired and aching muscles
Decrease muscular deterioration
Reduce swelling and scouring
Promote better immune system
Improve body posture
Promote better sleep
Reduce nervousness
Mental relaxation
Reduce anxiety
Stabilize blood pressure
Slow down respiration
Stretch connection tissue
Smooth breathing
Reduce headache & migraine
Malay Traditional Treatment:
This Malay Traditional treatment method and technique has been proven effective in healing various illness. Combined with herbal medicines and oilment, you are assured of the safety and reliable effective treatment ... Now is a good time to allow Kursani Traditional Massage the opportunity to rid you of your illness discomfort naturally - no drug, no chemical!
Malay Traditional Spa
Trickling fountains and soft music will enhance your relaxation. Sweat it out in our herbal steam room, clean your entire body with tropical herbs ingredients in our Lulur Bath ritual or relax yourself as you lie down in the soak tub during hydrotherapy flower bath ritual; your therapist gently and carefully pampering to relieve tension and stress after a hard day work You may want to care your face..... Our facial skin therapy, using natural tropical herbs and fruits has been practiced centuries ago and proven safe, free from chemical alcohol or drugs.


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