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Kursani Traditional Massage Center has been established in 1998 to provide original and natural Malay Traditional massage, treatments and spa therapy.

If you find yourself in need of pain relief, or simply want to find a safe and natural way to enhance your relaxation and sense of well being, you owe it to yourself to contact Kursani Massage Centre, so that you can experience first-hand the wonders that a Malay Traditional Treatment can provide.

  Massage is our main service. It is known as the oldest and wide spread of healing art. Malay Traditional Treatment method is proven effective in curing and healing various illness and pain. The art of Malay Traditional Spa will give you total relaxation while your therapist works to treat you!
Check it out in this web site ..... you will agree of what we claim. Or experience yourself at our centre; definitely you will never forget the good moment you be with us!!!
Who is Kursani Traditional Massage And Spa?
Our all male therapist (click here to see their photos), those who is eager-to-please, know what you need because they are intensively trained to maneuver male human body. Highest quality service is our philosophy, thus only those who passes our quality test are assigned to treat our valuable customers. That's why we can assure you the best and genuine traditional treatment in Kursani!
Our master therapist, with over twenty years experience practicing Malay Traditional massage and treatment, is a responsible person in guiding and handling the serious treatment such as sprains and fractured bone. Born in the family of practitioners of Malay traditional treatments, he is the master trainer in Kursani for those who is interested to learn this valuable technique of traditional therapy.
We know you a busy person. That's why we provide Outcall Service to accommodate your limited time; so that you still have the chance to enjoy these excellent services!
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