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Frequently Asked Questions

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What kinds of massage are you providing?

We are providing genuine Malay Traditional Massage, one of the oldest healing arts which has been passed down and taught through generations of practitioners. Our style of massage is the technique that combines the elements of effleurage (slow rhythmic gliding strokes), Petrissage (kneading, pressing and rolling of muscles), Neuromuscular (trigger point therapy) and Deep tissue massage.

Our therapist are trained and guided by our master therapist who has been more than 20 years in massage practice. We also being guided and advised by our Malay Traditional Advisor, named Tok Arup, 80 years old, who has the experience of more than 50 years in Malay Traditional Massage and Treatment.

Why do you program you full body massage menu according to period/hour basis? What's the different?
Our Full Body Massage is programmed on hourly basis to give the menu flexible for customers to choose to suit their requirements. As the customers' body size are not the same, they can opt suitable massage period to get the optimum benefit of the massage. Some customers have limited period to stay at our centre as they might have other things to attend and they want to go for shorter massage.
As the menu itself, we programme for 1 1/2hour or longer full body massage to include optional simple manhood therapy for improving blood circulation and release of trapped air arround the men's weapon. This is what make Kursani's Massage Treatment is the complete 'full body', head to toe!
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